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Kai's Letter to the Church 

12th August 2022

Last week was one of those weeks where the power of prayer and the universality of the Kingdom of God were highlighted to me once again – even though that should not surprise me, it does time and again fill me with wonder and praise!

Our mission partner Andrew S, working for Life2Romania works as part of his ministry alongside Pastor Gavril, a born-again Baptist Minister who is a serial church planter. God is moving powerfully within the Roma communities of the surrounding towns and villages of Tinca through his work. During all the years of Pastor Gavril’s ministry, his wife Aghi has been his faithful partner in mission; in fact they understand their mission as joint ministry. 

The Roma community in Romania is destitute, with little access to regular healthcare – in fact there was a time during the Covid period where all access to the Roma villages was blocked by the authorities.

As we were informed last Sunday, Aghi the wife of Pastor Gavril requires an urgent and long-overdue operation as she is in much, intense pain. The operation is complex and has to be privately funded at a cost of £5,000 an impossibly high amount for a destitute Roma community, where winter famine is still an annual reality.

An appeal to supporting mission partners went out on Saturday about this situation with a prayer meeting arranged for Monday evening, as the amount required did need God’s intervention.

On Sunday various churches and individuals donated money and – praise the Lord – by Sunday 11pm it became clear that the amount has been met.

Co-incidence? God-incidence? ‘To be expected’?  There are always big discussions about the power of prayer, but one thing is for sure: without prayer nothing happens!  We should not be surprised by that as 1Thess.5:16-18 speaks directly into this: ‘Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus’.

We still did our prayer meeting on Zoom on Monday evening – to give thanks and pray for the success and practicalities of the operation and Aghi’s health and safety over the coming weeks and months, post-op.

We do not know the outcome but we know that God is the core part of the plan! 

All thanks and praise to the Lord and please keep Aghi, and Gavril, in your prayers particularly over the coming days and weeks - and be encouraged to persevere in prayer for the situations that you long to see God change.

In the knowledge of a loving God